Inclusive Connectivity

Under the leadership of Professor Leonard Kleinrock, an early internet pioneer who developed the mathematical theory of packet-switching that underpins the internet, the UCLA Connection Lab encourages faculty and students to pursue internet-related research challenges of their own choosing without constraints on scope or risk.

The overarching theme of the UCLA Connection Lab is connectivity, which includes work on the future internet, wireless technologies, cryptography, networks, security, distributed systems, protocol design, and blockchain technologies.

An Environment for Research

This Lab supports research conducted by faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, undergraduates, and visitors from various disciplines. The main objective of the Connection Lab is to provide a rich environment for research, innovation and collaboration.

A Big Goal

The early days of the internet were marked by academic research and collaboration, not by dark elements such as greed or speculation. The internet had a stable foundation before it grew to what it is today. Today’s new technologies do not have that luxury. They appear quickly in a financially-driven commercial environment.

Now is the time to reclaim the original spirit of the internet and work with academics, technologists, policymakers, and individuals like you to help shape tomorrow’s future internet.

The UCLA Connection Lab is funded with donations from individuals and groups committed to advancement of the use and understanding of advanced networking in society. Our inaugural donor is the Sunday Group.