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The Origin

Lo, and behold!

Professor Kleinrock Discusses the Birth of the Internet

Few cultural revolutions can trace their origins as precisely as the one that was born on October 29, 1969. The ripple effects of that moment are felt daily five decades later by nearly every human on the planet, and will likely be felt for centuries to come.

Where did the greatest invention of our time begin? 3420 Boelter Hall at UCLA.

The power of new ideas

Undergraduate Internet Research Initiative

What is the IRI?


We support research that addresses aspects of technology development, social trends or problems, ethics, and/or justice relating to the internet.

IRI Mentors

Prize winners benefit from an intellectual environment with fellow prize awardees, dedicated lab space, and mentoring with faculty and outside experts. Each prize winner is matched with a distinguished mentor, who meets with the prize winner throughout their research year.


The IRI hosts events throughout the year to honor and acknowledge cohorts and their research initiatives. All events are currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Undergraduates applying to the IRI should articulate their commitment toward a well-described research project that addresses some aspect of technology development, social trends or problems, art and design, ethics, and/or justice, as it contributes to the advancement of the future internet.


Support the Lab

Corporate and Individual Contributors

  • Aster Miso-Prince Ltd.
  • Gackt
  • Itabashi Medical System Group
  • The Lynch Family Foundation
  • Yohei Midorikawa
  • Go Nakamura
  • Sheng-Chih Coco Pao
  • Vijayakumar Tella
  • David Bohnett
  • Yu Uny Cao
  • Liming Chen
  • Aaron Cohen
  • Koji Fujita Family
  • Tom and Karissa Grasty
  • Yutaka Hagiwara
  • Yukihiro Harada
  • Koji Hirohata
  • Riku Ishii
  • Yukari Ishii
  • Keisuke & Ritsuko Iwano
  • Akiko Izumitani
  • Hironori Kasuyama Family
  • Kazuya Kazahaya
  • Tatsuya Kimura
  • Hiroo Kojima
  • Yoshifumi Miyazaki
  • Maki Nakaigawa
  • Mami Nakaigawa
  • Mari Nakaigawa
  • Masao Nakaigawa
  • Yoshiaki Nakaigawa
  • Akira Nakanishi
  • Shotaro Naohara
  • Mai Nishikawa Family
  • Shohei Noguchi
  • Steven H. Roesing
  • Akeyoshi Sanuki
  • Satoru & Eriko Shintani
  • Wayne Smith
  • Kazuhisa Sugita
  • Naohiro Takahashi
  • Tomoko Takahashi
  • Hiromi Takekawa
  • Naoko Tamada Family
  • Natsuko Tanaka Family
  • Shohei Tsujita
  • Hirohisa Uematsu
  • Kenji Umetsu Family
  • Tomoki Yamanaka
  • Hong Yuan
  • Xianrong Zheng
  • Xunwei Wilson Zhou
Our People

Professor Vassilis Zikas

Vassilis Zikas is joining the Computer Science Department of Purdue University in 2021 as an Associate Professor, where he will lead The Purdue Blockchain lab (The PuB). The PuB is a sister lab to The Connection Lab, sharing its mission and collaborating closely with its leadership towards a common agenda, …

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