Supporting the Lab

At the UCLA Connection Lab we dabble in curiosity. It’s our competitive advantage to help define and support growing fields of research.

You can’t fake curiosity and it’s hard to cultivate. The end result can be innovation and true disruption. It pays to be a little crazy.

We integrate disruptive people with academic rigor. Our success is defined by working with the wildly curious and smart.

Supporting Curiosity

The Lab benefits from supporters who share our vision of curious experimentation. Membership provides the unique opportunity for corporations, foundations, and individuals to seek solutions to important challenges. Some of the world’s most influential internet supporters are in our corner.

How you can help

The early days of the internet were marked by academic research and collaboration, not by dark elements such as greed or speculation. The internet had a stable foundation before it grew to what it is today. Today’s new technologies do not have that luxury.

Now is the time to reclaim the original spirit of the internet and work with academics, technologists, policymakers, and individuals like you to help shape tomorrow’s future internet.

The UCLA Connection Lab is supported by individuals and groups committed to advancing technology. Our inaugural donor is the Sunday Group.