FLORA: Software-defined 4G/5G system for mobile users and industrial applications

About the Project

Flora is an open and software-defined 4G LTE/5G software networked system without commodity SIM cards, communication chipsets and dedicated infrastructure equipment. Our system (https://github.com/Project-Flora/Flora) works with both software radios (such as USRP) and commodity smartphones. It intends to work with both commodity user devices and emerging industrial application scenarios (such as robotics and drone-based logistics). Our novel system includes three salient features:

  1. Built-in network analytics at both the device and the infrastructure, which provides runtime solutions to both “what” and “why” on network behaviors;
  2. New system-in-the-chain security that fixes the current broken 4G/5G design that poses security risks;
  3. Customized system that allows the operators to optimize system latency and reliability.


Project Details